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Allergy-Proof Skincare: Protecting Your Skin This Spring

By: Sarah Buonocore

As the calendar shifts to spring, many allergy sufferers are already feeling the effects of the changing seasons on their skin. Irritation, dryness, and sensitivity often creep up this time of year, catching some people off guard. However, with a bit of proactive skincare, you can get ahead of these seasonal skin challenges. While I can't advise on internal allergy treatments (though I hear taking local honey can help), I can share some expert tips on what topical products and techniques can provide relief and protection for allergy-prone complexions.


  1. Cleansing is important during allergy season to remove environmental irritants like pollen. Using a two-step cleansing process with a pre-cleansing oil followed by a gentle cleansing lotion can help thoroughly cleanse the skin while maintaining hydration and preserving the skins protective barrier.

  2. Incorporating antioxidant-rich products like an antioxidant gel can help soothe and repair sensitive skin during this time.

  3. Using a moisturizer with protective and hydrating ingredients such as our super moisturizer that contains lanolin can help create a barrier to lock in moisture and guard against irritants.

  4. Finishing with Environs anti-pollution spritz can be very beneficial, as it helps balance the skin's microbiome and act as a shield against environmental pollutants and allergens. This can be used both before and after makeup application.

  5. Layering these types of products can provide comprehensive protection, hydration, and soothing benefits for skin dealing with seasonal allergy-related dryness and sensitivity..


Overall, a thoughtful, multi-step skincare routine focused on cleansing, antioxidants, moisturization, and environmental protection can be very helpful for managing skin concerns during allergy season. Click here to order product or schedule your spring facial

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